• Welcome To My Second Home Daycare

    Where you and your children always feel at home

  • Our Mission

    Just some of the many things we provide your children
    What We Provide


    Home cooked and nutritious (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks)


    Clean, safe, nurturing, catered toward your child's well-being

    Individual Attention

    We work with each child developing their social, cognitive, academic and physical skills

    Arts & Crafts

    Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics through a variety of projects

    Numbers & Letters

    To facilitate and promote your child’s comfort with accuracy and ease

    Group Activities

    Circle time, reading short stories, flash cards, sing-alongs, dancing, music


    Eager to learn new skills and face new challenges


    Gained through sharing, manners, politeness, socialization and motor skills

    Kindergarten Ready

    Equipped with the skills and knowledge that will be carried on through their education
  • Parent Reviews

    When children's happiness is reflected onto their parents, I know I've done my job

    Blanca is like family to us

    "...learned her alphabet, how to count to 100...her shapes, her colors, and many other early skills."

    My son loves her

    "...I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a home-daycare..."

    Blanca is the best!!

    "...very patient and loving...she is so good with kids!!"
  • About Me

    Blanca S.

    With 15 years experience working with kids’ ages 1-3 in preschool and school-age learning centers, they have become my life fulfilling devotion
  • Conveniently Located in Santa Clara

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